Who Are We?

Katlego, Lehumo le Bokamoso Foundation is the bubble of everything educational. The website aims to provide a quick access to everything a learner will need throughout their high school years and to prepare for their post matric life. We know how stressful it can be to obtain information all different platforms and not being entirely sure if it’s valid, so we bring it all together.


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Katlego, Lehumo le Bokamoso (KLB) is an education and mentorship implementing foundation that aims to assist learners from impoverished backgrounds in recognizing their talents and using the as a tool to shape their future. The foundation was founded by sisters Amogelang and Masingita Lekwadu and a group of phenomenal youth from the FetaKgomo Greater Taubate Local Municipality in Limpopo.

The foundation began its work and making an impact in January 2017 when the founders hosted a Church Motivational Day which targeted learners around the Moroke Circuit, Driekop Limpopo.

The aim of the event was to provide learners between grade 10 – 12 with guidance focusing on how they could tap into their potential and use it to fulfil their dreams. Additionally, the event covered important aspects of learner’s education, these included providing them with effective study tips, time management, career choices, and goal development and how achieve the goals.

Due to the existing huge knowledge gap in the community especially in disadvantaged areas, the foundation through the School Drive Initiative has been able to slowly bridge the gap through assisting learners with online applications and access to post matric information

The foundation is in its 2nd year with a total of 13 registered member (volunteers) and each year attracting various volunteers to assist during the events and initiatives or as mentors.


  1. Accountability and Transparency: Every initiative or project we undertake will be judged by the only measure that matters: how effectively we create lasting and meaningful progress in the lives of those we serve.
  2. Partnership made up of a team of people who are personally invested in each other, and  in the lives of the people who their work is intended to serve
  3. Curiosity: We are passionate about seeking new perspectives and challenging long-standing assumptions because we know effective leadership requires continuous learning
  4. A commitment to helping those less fortunate and building strong communities.
  5. Integrity: exercise honesty and strong moral principals in carrying our projects
  6. Excellence : set tangible benchmarks for your organization and that you routinely succeed them
  7. Leadership. We champion the importance of effective board leadership and action. Knowledge of good governance practices and encourages staff initiative.
  8. Courage: The willingness to try, fail and learn on the journey towards creating something new is just as critical as the passion to succeed. There is no substitute for being willing to lead – especially when the territory brings covered is new and the outcome is uncertain.


The Career Talk

Annual motivational day in which learners are invited to a sit down and talk to explore career paths within their streams, explore their talents and be given motivational talks on how to maximize their capacity by experts in different fields ranging from business, medicine, art, engineering, accounting, law etc. which are part of the database of the foundations partners.

The talks seeks to equip learners with knowledge in order for them to be able to make informed decisions about their future career paths and to assist them in understanding the

The School Drive

A week long project that runs during the last week of June each year. During this week, the team travels to local schools from Moroke Circuit to Driekop assisting matriculates to make online applications to institutions of higher learning, create email address and provide them with information about financial aid for their future studies.

The Mentorship Programme

This project will be phased in from January 2019. The programme seeks to pair matriculates from out database with volunteers or team members from the foundation. The aim is to assist the matriculates to fit into their post matric lives, this is however is only limited to learners who are registered to Universities (Phase one of the programmes).

The Mentors will guide the Mentees through the first three months of their university life, and will continue contact with the learners and check up on them at least once every three months within their first year of study only (if the mentors and mentees wish to continue with the relationship past the first year, it will not be monitored by the foundation).

The programme aims to assist learners to be able to make a smooth transition from high school to higher education with someone they know and can be open with during the process


We aspire to inspire the learners we interact with in the various schools that we visit to widen their horizons and knowledge in tertiary education and career guidance. Our goal is to make sure that each learner that interacts with us will go home with a better understanding of where their passions are placed, which career stream will be best suited and for them to understand which steps they have to undertake to reach their goals.

The learners will be able to learn from the mistakes made by the current students and also receive advice on how they can best carry themselves and which targets they can realistically aim for to achieve their desired goal.

Our ultimate impact will be to use these platforms as well as social media to bridge the knowledge gap in learners from these disadvantaged areas so as to mold creative and  critical free thinkers in our communities who will represent a brighter future